What does Stall High mean?

Stall High - the new social media app just for horse people. 

What does it mean? Stall High is the tendency to display undesirable behaviors when confined to a small space for too long. (Sounds like 2020, right?) 

It’s high time we have our own digital space on the WWW and each time you purchase an item from shop.stallhigh.com, you are helping fund the free social media alternative for horse people, Stall High! 

We all feel "stall high" in 2020 due to mandatory stall rest. Beyond an urgent need for us to have an online place to communicate, my dream for this brand is to help peers in the horse industry evaluate where we feel stalled, what limitations are holding us back and how we can overcome them together. 


Kendra Dickson

About Us

Nathan Rowe

Fashion Director

Stall High asks, “where do you feel stalled in life, what’s keeping you stifled?” Our goal is to provide a community platform with useful, uplifting content that helps you overcome adversity and take the next step toward your achieving your goals.


Stall High is EVERYWHERE, baby!  Forget Facebook.  Nevermind Netflix. And who watches TV any more anyway? GO TO the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY to download the Stall High App, the first social media network exclusively for horse people.  Create your own profile, share your content, advertise a horse for sale if you like and stay in the loop of what's happening in the horse world with priority pins and push notifications. 


Aubrey,Texas. USA